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Window Capping
- We can replace foggy windows or broken glass.
- Capping is maintenance free.
- Life time warranty on the capping.
- Capping is available in 32 colors.
- We cap regular windows and bay or bow windows.
- All window styles are available (single or double hung, sliding and casement, fixed or open).
- Completely covers all exterior wood, prevents rotting windows sills, and other wall damage.
- We can repair any damaged window and restore the window's original look.
- We clean out out all the rotten wood and install new cedar wood on every repair.
- We have the equipment on the job site to create custom work that will match the original profile.
- Any job we do includes caulking and primer.
- We only use high quality, lifetime guaranteed, caulking.
- Georges construction provides written warranties for up to 5 five years.
- We will do the same for house door frames and garage door frames.

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